Smart Materials and Technologies

Smart Materials additionally alluded to as half and half materials are made out of divergent stages which change essentially at whatever point outer boosts are connected, for example, temperature, stress, attractive or electric fields. Shrewd Materials are blends of no less than two distinct materials, which permit the designing of wanted properties in the recently joined mixture. Appropriate displaying, reproduction and control help in incorporated framework structure of keen materials. Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric materials produce electric flow when they are put under mechanical pressure. Because of their quick electromechanical reaction and their low power necessity, piezoelectric materials are generally utilized in the auxiliary control applications. Electroluminescent materials are semiconductors which permit exit of the light through it. Shape-memory composites can come back to their unique shape when warmed in the distorted condition.

  • Shape-Memory Alloys and Phase Change Materials
  • Electroluminescent and Electrochromic Materials
  • Polymer-based Smart Materials

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